Approaches In Determining The Right Selling Price For A Carcar Cebu House

There are actually a lot of homeowners in Carcar Cebu who wish to put their properties up for sale. They may do so because of a number of reasons, such as moving to a different province or transferring to a bigger house. Whatever reasons they may have, these individuals will have to identify how much will be the appropriate prices they should set for the properties that they are about to sell.

If you are also planning to sell your house in Carcar Cebu, then, you have to know that you can use two approaches in order to determine the market value of your property where you can base the selling price that you will set. These approaches are the cost approach as well as the sales comparison approach.

With the cost approach, you will have to add the current value of the land and the current value of the building or house that is built upon such land. You have to remember that land appreciates or increases in value over time while a building depreciates or decreases in value over time. The land value will depend on where it is situated. Most condo unit owners who wish to sell their units typically use the cost approach since they will surely have a difficult time to take note of the cost to build the whole building.

With the sales comparison approach, you will need to compare the value of the property that was sold previously within the same area where your own house is located with the property that you want to put up for sale. In most cases, such value is closer to what a property appraiser in Carcar Cebu may estimate. Most agents as well as home sellers most commonly use this approach. However, you should make sure, though, that you will only compare the value of the two properties if they are using more or less the same construction materials and have more or less the same date of construction.

Other factors will also play an important role in the sales price determination. Some of these factors include the size and orientation of the property, additional features, and others. In this case, you should see to it that you are knowledgeable with these matters before you broadcast the selling price of your house.

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