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It is standard for Carmella Carcar to offer a wide range of luxurious and recreational amenities to enhance the quality of life for its homeowners. Aside from quality and modern architectural styles, Carmella Carcar offers a wide range of facilities and amenities that enable you to pursue the kind of lifestyle that you want. First and foremost, it starts with the choice of location for this neighborhood. It is located close to the police station, as well as the town center. 

As for the house and lot community itself, it comes with a  security entrance gate or guard house. Thus, security is at a high premium at Carmella Carcar. The entrance gate will be manned by security personnel on a 24/7 basis; hence, they will be able to monitor the vehicles that come in and out of this residential community. There will also be roving guards to secure the entire premises of the subdivision. In addition to the entrance gate, the perimeter is also secured by fence and wall. Hence, any of the unauthorized personnel are kept out of the perimeter to give the families that live in Carmella Carcar some peace of mind.

On top of the security facilities, there are also several other recreational facilities available for residents to enjoy. The clubhouse is the main amenity that is available for the homeowners at Carmella Carcar. Just like most of the homes in the development, the Clubhouse features Spanish-inspired architectural theme. This further adds to the uniformity in design for the entire subdivision. The Clubhouse is open for use for all residents in Carmella Carcar, which can serve as a function venue for birthdays and other social gatherings. 

In addition to the clubhouse, another major recreational facility at Carmella Carcar is the basketball court. This is a full-sized court that is open for use by the residents. This is the perfect venue for those who want to play some hoops or do any kinds of sports. It is a good amenity to have and use for those who lead an active lifestyle. Speaking of an active lifestyle, there is also a children’s playground available at Carmella Carcar. This is the perfect spot to bring your kids to for some fun and games. This is a large play area that is a great way to entice them to go out and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. 

As part of its commitment to bring a sense of tranquility into this community, Carmella Carcar is also developed with plenty of pocket gardens and green, open spaces. Thus, you can spend time in these parks to enjoy and relish the slow pace of life. You can also use them as an opportunity to socialize with other members of this community. Either way, you will love waking up to the sight of the lush greens and open spaces to make this community even more livable. These landscaped gardens are spread throughout different parts of this house and lot development. Hence, you will be able to enjoy the lush greens and the relaxing view regardless of where you are.

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